One day last summer, Chinese actor-turned-director Lin Xiyue dined with his father Lin Zha

ohua, a veteran theater director, at his father’s home in Beijing. After dinner, the father and son smoked ciga

rettes together on the balcony, where the father spoke about the Lin Zhaohua Theater Arts Festival.

The festival, initiated by Lin Zhaohua in 2010, is seen as a cultural e

vent which brings well-known and pioneering foreign plays to Chinese audiences.

But last year, the event was canceled.

“When he told me that he wanted me to be the artistic director of the festival in 2019, hones

tly, I was not ready for that,” says the 49-year-old Lin Xiyue, who started directing plays about five years ago.

“I was not even sure if we could have another Lin Zhaohua The

ater Arts Festival since almost every year they encountered financial losses.”