property buyers in 12 first and second-tier cities were women. And as ages increase, awareness toward buying pro

perty grows as well. The report said in the 30-year-old category, 47.1 percent of single women purchased their own prop

erties, with over a third doing so without mortgages, and 23.4 percent of them owning more than one property.

The research said most of the surveyed women felt a sense of security toward the future after purchasing properties. Dong Fang, a 28-y

ear-old property investment manager who has just invested in a 40-square-meter flat in Shanghai, agreed.

“It doesn‘t matter if I marry or not, now that I have a roof over my head,” Dong said. “I just need to sort o

ut my retirement and major insurance, then whatever the future holds for me, I won’t be too scared.”

About 64 percent of the women respondents aged below 30 said living in a rented

house after getting married was unacceptable, but the ratio was down to 45 percent among women aged over 30. The rep

ort suggested that it was linked to the fact that sophisticated women were likely to own properties already.