a said the US’ motive is to prop up its “own agent” to power in Venezuela and control the country’s politics instead of trying to help solve Venezuela’s problems.

Among the five BRICS countries, China and South Africa voted for Russia’s d

raft resolution, Brazil supported the US, and India abstained from voting. After the fa

ilure of the resolutions moved by the US and Russia, what lies ahead for Venezuela?

If the US intervenes in Venezuela to oust Maduro, it would not only violate international laws and the UN Charter, but also

invite more international condemnation and opposition despite having allies around the world.

Washington has demanded that Caracas take no action against Guaid

o, which Maduro is unlikely to comply with, especially because Guaido continues to target

Maduro. On Thursday, for example, Guaido called on Europe to intensify financial sanctions against the Madu

ro government after Caracas expelled the German ambassador for “interfering” in Venezuela’s internal affairs.