Internal response to job cuts. Recently, the media is starting a round of layoffs, the proportion of layoffs reached 25% – more than 3,000 drops of staff to leave!

Information Map Xinhua News Agency

It is reported that the product technology, network car appointment team for th

e layoffs of the “big head”. “In addition, departments that did not make much progress in business last year, as well

as functional departments that were not strongly bound to business, were also more dangerous.”

On January 4, more news emerged that the Shanghai team was disbanded, and e

mployees were merged into Hangzhou and Beijing, and then dismissed. At the sam

e time, it was announced that Xiaoju garment would launch the “double headquarters” strategy of Beijing and H

angzhou, in order to enhance the synergy efficiency between different regions of Xiaoju garment.

As for layoffs, another person familiar with the matter sai

d that the last-place elimination system was basically adopted in this roun

d of layoffs. “Employees with year-end performance appraisal ratings of C and D will then be interviewed by HR to

persuade them to withdraw.” In previous years, only employees rated D were eliminated.

Insiders have responded that major structural changes have been made r

ecently to meet the goals of safety experience and efficiency, and the talent sys

tem has been restructured. Some employees will be involved in “live water” job transfers, which is a nor