Qian Feng, born in Shanghai on September 22, 1983, is a host and actor in mainland China. After g

raduating from Shanghai Theatre Academy in 2004, he starred in the production of Hunan Sat

ellite Television’s “Qia Tong Junior”. In 2006, Lafeng Entertainment signed a contract to become a member of the new adv

ocacy group, and in 2008, it became the host of Hunan Satellite TV’s “Every Day Up”.

Qian Feng has always felt like a piece of fresh meat since her debut, but at some time when she was participating in a varie

ty show, the audience found that he had gained a lot of weight. Then, Qian Feng worked hard to lose weight and fin

ally lost his original handsome appearance. Unexpectedly, recently, the news that Qian Feng has become fat again ca

me out. At a satellite TV New Year’s Eve party on Jan. 29, Qian Feng appeared in a red suit, but it was difficult to hide her blo

ated figure, her face returned to the previous sensation of flesh. Netizens had a heated discussion about it.